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Ariel Fernandez CrossFit Training Interview

Ten years ago, Ariel Fernandez was playing baseball with Baruch College in New York. Now he’s competing on CrossFit’s biggest stage against tens of thousands of world-class athletes. We sat down with the New York native to discuss what attracted him to the sport of

Joel Burgess Rugby Training Interview

“Rugby is one of the most brutal and physically demanding sports in the world,” says Joel Burgess, describing the sport that defined his fitness for years. “It’s similar to the physicality of American Football, but with no rest and no padding.” From the moment you

5 Best Budget Pre-Workouts

Whether you want to blast out a new PB on the bench or tear up a mid-week workout, pre-workouts can boost your energy, focus and strength, helping you smash your fitness goals. Pick the right pre-workout and you’ll be able to push out more reps, achieve

MaxiMuscle Cyclone

I’ve tried out a load of different all-in-one style protein supplements over the years. Usually, because I pick up the cheapest option, they are guff. So, for this review I’ve picked up Cyclone, an all-in-one from one of the UK’s best known brands, Maximuscle. I’m

Maximuscle Promax Lean

I get it, cutting weight is difficult. With that in mind, supplements like Promax Lean can seem really attractive. All the protein of a normal supplement without the empty calories. Late last year, I ran a two-week experiment with Promax Lean, continuing my normal program on

USN Diet Fuel Ultralean

Diet Fuel Ultralean is a high-protein meal replacement shake from USN, designed to help you maintain your protein intake while cutting. While I’m not a big advocate of replacing real food with shakes, I understand that people lead crazy busy lives and may not have time

USN Hyperbolic Mass

USN Hyperbolic Mass is specially designed for those who are struggling to pile on the pounds and make big gains in the gym. With a massive 53g of protein, 195g of carbohydrates and a whopping 1226 calories per six-scoop serving, this is clearly a supplement trying

The Protein Works Nitro Works

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of The Protein Works. TPW Whey Protein 360 is a fantastic protein supplement, Pre-Works is awesome pre-workout and Genesis is a nice budget alternative. So, when I had the chance to test out Nitro Works, a pre-workout

USN 100% Premium Whey

I’m a sucker for a great whey blend and I’ve had some good experience with USN supplements before. So when I spotted their 100% Premium Whey on sale, I picked up a tub and tried it out. Let’s see how 100% Premium Whey fares in an

USN BCAA Power Punch

While I’ve never really paid much attention to BCAA-specific supplements, I know a lot of lifters who swear they’d fall to pieces without them. I stumbled upon USN BCAA Power Punch when I was looking for new pre-workouts and picked it up on a whim.